The Salvation Army School of Performing Arts kicks off the Fall Youth Programs

On October 8, 2015 The Salvation Army School of Performing Arts kicked of its fall season.  Over 30 young people and adults (teachers) came together to learn and express themselves through music and other art forms. We had a beginners brass band program with over 20 in attendance, timbrel class, mime and Jr. choir.  We had the opportunity start with the fundamentals and then apply what they learned.  Basic theory skills, music history and active interaction from everyone.  There where 44 in attendance this week and it was amazing.

The Story Behind Salvation Army Music (Holz)
William Booth (Founder of The Salvation Army) felt suspicious of organized music groups. Yet he launched a movement that became renowned worldwide for its bands and choirs. In 1878, the Fry family brass quartet aided Army evangelists in the city of Salisbury. Brass bands sprang up within the next few years all over the country—a natural consequence of the musical interests of many of the converts. There was no systematic organization at first. While William Booth cautiously pondered the impact of this new evangelistic tool, his enthusiastic followers went forward.
(Dr. Ronald W. Holz  was the chair of the division of fine arts at Asbury College in Wilmore, Kentucky, and author of several studies of Salvation Army music.)
The Salvation Army’s music programs teach people of all ages how to sing and play instruments to the glory of God and for the blessing of others. Whether it’s playing in a Salvation Army band, singing in a choir or praise band in Sunday worship, or playing instruments at a Christmas kettle, Salvation Army music ministries provide participants with a lifetime of fulfillment through musical excellence with spiritual purpose
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