You can volunteer for a 4 hour shift or all day.  To volunteer please call 434-295-4058

November 25 – December 24
from 10 AM – 8 PM
Monday thru Saturday at any of the following locations:  

  • Bell Ringing Locations Old Navy – 1117 Emmet Street
  • Barnes & Nobles – 1035 Emmet Street
  • Kroger – 1159 Emmet Street
  • Kroger – 1904 Emmet Street
  • Kroger – Rio Hill Center/1980 Rio Hill Center
  • K-mart – 1801 Hydraulic Road
  • Giant – Seminole Square/220 Zan Road
  • Giant – Pantops/400 Pantop Center
  • Mincers UVA Imprinted Sportswear – 1527 University Ave
  • FoodLion – 585 Branchlands Blvd. (across from Toy-R-Us)
  • FoodLion – 1740 Timberwood Blvd.  Fashion Square Mall – (JC Penney, Belk, Main Entrance)
  • Wal-mart – 975 Hilton Heights Road
  • Sam’s Club – 970 Hilton Heights Road
  • Roses Pantops – 400 Pantop Center (As needed)

What to expect:

  • You can ring by yourself, with a friend or as a group; children under 16 years of age must ring with an adult.
  • Please know that we will be as prompt as possible when dropping the red kettles off and picking them up each day.
  • You may be relieving another volunteer at this location when you arrive.
  • Due to the number of locations, if we are not at your site to meet you at the beginning of your shift, please feel free to call us.  However, more than likely, we are on our way to you.
  • If someone does not relieve you or pick up your kettle at the end of your shift, you may drop the kettle and bell at the customer service counter and we will pick it up the same day.

Thank you again for your help and support in helping families in crisis this holiday season.