Emergency Food Closet
Non-perishable food items are stored in the Emergency Services office. They are available to individuals or families in need during regular ESP hours.

Homeless Intervention Program (HIP)
The Salvation Army’s SHARE/Homeless Intervention Program (HIP), authorized by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Virginia, seeks to prevent the displacement of individuals and families from their homes as a a result of eviction or foreclosure, assist homeless families or individuals in securing permanent housing, and provide a training and education component to secure self-sufficiency. The Salvation Army of Charlottesville, Virginia administers the program for Planning District 10, which consists of the City of Charlottesville and the counties of Albemarle, Fluvanna, Greene, Luisa and Nelson.

In order to be eligible for assistance through the SHARE/HIP assistance program, applicants must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Applicants must be in a temporary financial crisis due to unavoidable circumstances, including but not limited to accident, illness, job layoff, loss of daycare or loss of transportation.  
  • Applicants must have been self-sufficient prior to crisis and be able to prove that they can return to self-sufficiency in the future.  
  • Applicants in permanent housing must be in imminent danger of losing their home or apartment through eviction or foreclosure.  
  • Applicants must have a 5 Day Pay or Quit notice if renting or 30 day late or foreclosure notification if owning.  
  • Applicants who are homeless or living in a shelter, with relatives or with friends must have a written statement from the friend or relative stating that you are no longer able to reside with them or verification from a landlord stating the amount needed for rent and/or security deposit.  
  • Applicant’s TOTAL FAMILY INCOME cannot exceed the HUD mandated low income limit for the area in which the applicant resides. Rent or mortgage payments must meet HUD criteria for Fair Market Rent guidelines for the current year.  
  • Applicants must have EXHAUSTED their own resources and all other sources of assistance (i.e. CARES, Social Services and area churches).    

If an applicant is determined to be eligible by The Salvation Army’s case management team, financial assistance shall be paid directly to the vendor (landlord or mortgage company) on behalf of the applicant. Financial assistance shall be provided as follows:

  • Rental Assistance in the form of a grant and includes back rent, current rent, or negotiated future rent  
  • Mortgage Assistance in the form of a no-interest loan which must be paid back in a time period determined at the signing of the promissory note  
  • Security Deposit Assistance as a loan and shall not exceed 150% of the area’s HUD established Fair Market Rents    

Please keep in mind that if assistance is approved and paid on your behalf by the local HIP program, you cannot receive financial assistance from the program again in your lifetime. This limit is for the entire state of Virginia.

For more information, please contact Barbara Foley at (434) 295-4058 Ext. 109.

Financial assessment is evaluated to determine the necessary action to provide the client with the ability to regain self-sufficiency. Verification of information is obtained and the crisis is evaluated.

Coordination of services for recently released individuals to assist with regaining self-sufficiency. Collaborative efforts with Probation and Parole, OAR and DRS. By providing a comprehensive self-sufficiency plan, MAP empowers these individuals with the opportunity to succeed.

Coordinating services for individuals in need of job training through DRS as well as computer software training through Technology Tamers.

MAP provides clients with instruction, assistance, and follow-up with preparing state and local government applications for benefits (including Social Security Disability/SSI, TANF, Medicaid, FAMIS, General Relief, State and Local Hospitalization (SLH)).

Winter Warmth for Everyone
In an effort to help bring warmth to those in need, the Salvation Army, in conjunction with the Terra Bella Cleaners, is conducting the 3rd Annual Winter Warmth for Everyone Drive [WWFE]. “We are asking members of community to donate gently used coats, hates, scarves, and gloves,” said Bill Vincent, owner of Terra Bella Cleaners. “We then clean all the items for free and deliver them to the Salvation Army for distribution to those in need.” Especially needed are children’s winter warmth items. WWFE meets the needs of homeless and low-income men, women and children who cannot afford the basics of winter outerwear. WWFE provides FREE hats, scarves, gloves, socks and umbrellas to the community during the late fall and throughout the winter months. Last winter the program collected, cleaned, and distributed over 250 coats. Distribution sites include: The Salvation Army Emergency Services, PACEM Men’s & Women’s Homeless Shelter, The Drop-In Center, Food Not Bombs Meal at Tonsler Park, Holy Comforter Soup Kitchen. Individuals may drop off Winter Warmth items (including desperately needed children’s winter warmth items) at any of the Terra Bella Cleaners locations or the Salvation Army Emergency Shelter. Churches and other organizations that wish to collect items may contact Terra Bella Cleaners to arrange for a pickup. Bill Vincent, Terra Bella Cleaners, (434) 249-7020. Distribution starts at the end of October and continues through the winter. Contact Emergency Services Offices, TSA at (434) 295-4058