The Salvation Army  Charlottesville Virginia Corps
Advisory Board Roster

New members are involved with several important programs of the Salvation Army. “Being associated with the Salvation Army is a great opportunity to give back to Community and try and offer hope and help to those who need it most. This is a real honor for me and I look forward to being a positive contributor to Charlottesville’s Salvation Army,” said new Board member, Roger Burchett.

The Advisory Board contains those volunteers with the most impact in the community.  


Chairperson:  Wade Tremblay

1st Vice Chair:  Tim Rose


  • David F. Cooke, II         
  • Meg Fisher
  • Patricia Fleshman Burnette         
  • Althea Brooks
  • Susan G. Harris          
  • Bob Kahn          
  • Dory Hulse    
  • Richard Nunley
  • Carolyn Rainey
  • Tim Rose
  • Nancy Takahashi
  • Sheila B. Tate
  • Karen Rogers    
  • Phil Kiester
  • Patricia Mete 
  • Fred Greer                       

Finance Life Members:

Member Emeritus:

  • Bob Pflugfelder

Member Emeritus:

  • Warren A. Bushey
  • Donald W. Jones