The Salvation Army holds an annual Thanksgiving Meal at our headquarters location each year.  If you are interested in volunteering for our 2012 Thanksgiving Meal, please contact David Terrell at (434) 792-3963 Ext. 306 beginning October 1, 2012.  Below is information on our 2012 Thanksgiving Meal. Over 250 meals were served in 2011.

THE SALVATION ARMY IS INTENT ON MAKING THIS THANKSGIVING SEASON A JOYFUL ONE The Salvation Army will be providing a free restaurant-stye Thanksgiving meal this year at 123 Henry Street from 11:00 until 1:00 on Thanksgiving Day.

Food items are needed to supply the fixings to feed over 300 meals to the less fortunate this Thanksgiving.

Some of the items needed for this Thanksgiving Dinner are:

12 Boneless Turkey Breasts

15 Hams

18 (10 lb.) Cans of Yams

24 (10 lb.) Green Bean

12 32 oz. Can of Chicken Broth

Dinner Rolls

Cakes & Pies (The REAL stars of the show)

As the number of disadvantaged families continues to rise, the need for compassionate support from the public becomes even more essential and The Salvation Army is struggling to provide for their needs.

“Although we know that we all have received more requests for donations than ever over the past year, we are so grateful to those friends in our community who have stepped forward with faithful support for families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet,” says Captain Janice Dahlin, “But not surprisingly, the number of people needing help keeps escalating as well, and in order for us to continue to meet these needs, continued support from the public is even more crucial.  We are seeing people at our office who have never had to come to us before but, due to the overall economic crisis, are left with no other alternative.”

This year’s economic factors … the dramatic swing in gasoline prices, home foreclosures and the credit crisis …have made it more difficult for many of our faithful supporters to continue their level of support.  Consumer confidence has been dropping. Discretionary income has been adversely affected, reducing the dollars available for organizations like The Salvation Army.

Although many struggling members of our society might feel forgotten and depressed as they approach this Thanksgiving season, The Salvation Army believes the community will once again pull together and lend a helping hand to those who need it most.

“We’ve been doing this work for over 100 years so we’re not going to turn away any of our neighbors now,” says Captain Janice Dahlin. “The Salvation Army plans on doing the most good we can with the gifts we receive, in order to provide HOPE to those in need in our community.”