20 Tons of Potatoes

The Salvation Army is pleased to announce to the Harrisonburg/Rockingham community that in four days, on Saturday 23rd, that 22 tons are being given away free to anyone who wants them. The potatoes are being provided to the public by Cave Hill Farm LLC. Those wishing to receive the potatoes can pick the potatoes from the ground starting at 10 a.m. The potatoes are being plowed up that morning and made available to whoever wishes to have them.

In explaining what the farm is doing, John L Hopkins, manager of Cave Hill Farm stated, “Our farm’s goal with these potatoes is to help feed hungry people and assist low-income families, and anyone else who wishes them. As The Salvation Army works with those in need every day I’ve asked if they can assist Cave Hill to get the word out to those they help as well as to the wider community. God has generously blessed our family and we’re pleased to help low-income families in our community in this small way.”

Those wishing to receive potatoes are responsible for gathering the potatoes. People are also being encouraged to pick as many potatoes as they wish for their extended family and friends. Also Cave Hill Farm will be providing bags for gathering of the potatoes.

To further assist a wider range of people in the community with the potatoes, area families are encouraged to gather an extra bag or two of potatoes for the family to deliver to a food pantry, feeding program or shelter of their choosing.

The McGaheysville area farm is located along Island Ford Road (Route 649), approximately one mile east of the junction of Highway 33 and Island Ford Road. For those traveling east on Island Ford Road the farm field is located on the left side of the road by the highway. While Cave Hill Farm will be placing signs near the farm, “people just need to watch for the tractor and people in the field gathering the potatoes,” states Mr. Hopkins.

Divisional Headquarters | virginiasalvationarmy.org
Territorial Headquarters | salvationarmysouth.org
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