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A Little About Us . . .

Captains  Duane & Cathie Burleigh   
The Burleigh’s officially arrived in Harrisonburg on June 25th , 2008 from Winchester, Virginia. They were commissioned as Auxiliary Captains August 1, 2007 and served as Assitant Corps Officers of the Winchester Corps. The Burleigh’s have 3 children. DJ 15, Timothy 9 and Carolee who is 4 years old. The Burleighs were married in 1990 at the Bowling Green, Kentucky Corps. Soon after they moved to Rome, New York where they became active in Corps activities. Cathie is a 6th generation Salvationist. Her parents were Salvation Army officers in the Eastern Territory. Cathie graduated from Western Kentucky University with a B.S. degree in elementary education. Over the next 13 years she worked as a pre-school teacher and day care director. She has been playing the cornet since the age of 10 and was a member of the Empire Divisional Youth Band. Duane is a graduate of Herkimer Community College in upstate N.Y., where he majored in history. Duane has been active as a leader in Corps youth programs since the age of 19, when he first met The Salvation Army. Duane has held several positions within the Salvation Army including 3 years as a Youth Service Coordinator, in Rome, New York, Camp Director for the Corps overnight summer camp, and was in charge of a “Drop-in” Community Center, for about 130 children. Before becoming a Salvation Army officer, Duane spent 28 years in the retail industry, mostly in management positions. The Burleigh’s moved to Winchester 5 years ago, where Duane assumed the duties of Christian Education Director of the Winchester Corps. Over the past 5 years he has served as Social Service Case Worker, and Homeless Shelter Director. 

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