Hi, guys and gals. We are going to learn a little about what God wants for your lives. My name is Sammy Salvation and I am going to help guide you through this mystery called Salvation. Lets start at the beginning as a matter of fact…. …God planned to send Jesus to save us!

Save us from what?

Well, when God made the world it was perfect in every way. And then Adam and Eve came along and ate the fruit God told him not to eat. Bad idea! At that moment God’s perfect world wasn’t perfect anymore. Adam decided to do things his way and not God’s way, and that never works. Sin got in. And sin ruins everything. God tried to warn Adam. He told him that if he ate the fruit of that tree he would surely die. And that’s exactly what Adam did. Well, he didn’t drop over dead right there! He lived for a long time afterwards. But he didn’t live forever either. One day he died, just like God said he would. God wasn’t being mean or unfair. God just knew that’s what sin does.

And we all sin. We all do what we want to do instead of what God wants us to do. So we are in trouble! Sin is like a terrible disease, and we all are going to die from it. And that’s what Jesus came to save us from!

God loves us so much, He sent His Son to make things right again. And the price was very high. Sin brought death into God’s perfect world. The only price to make it right again is for the guilty ones to die – and that’s us.

But Jesus died FOR us, Jesus took the punishment we deserved. What amazing, awesome love that is! That’s not the end of the story! Three days later, Jesus rose from the dead!

Jesus defeated death!

So now, even though we all are going to die just like Adam – we all can rise from the dead just like Jesus! If we believe in Jesus, and we believe that he died for our sins, God will raise us from dead just like Jesus rose from the dead! That’s something we just can’t do ourselves no matter how hard we try – but God can. And that is God’s gift to everyone who believes in His Son. And now God can adopt us as His children.

One day, everything God has will be ours, and we will live with God forever! That is the Good News! Now, since we ARE God’s children, we should live like God’s children. Always be good and honest and loving. Let’s not be like the people who don’t care about God, who do mean and terrible things.

But we all know, it’s not always easy…