God created all living things. One of the most beutiful things God created was the parrot. God gave this bird the ability to use his/her feet like hands, and a very powerful beak to eat the hardest nuts. God also gave the bird very colorful feathers making him/her the most beatiful bird in His kingdom. Here is your chance to color a parrot and see if you can make him/her as pretty as God would like him/her to be.

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Hi Kids,

Sammy Salvation here. I want to tell you a story that happened a long, long time ago. After God created the earth he put all sorts of living things on it. One of those living things was Adam. He was the first man ever. “God created man and called him Adam.” God gave Adam a beautiful garden to live in. God called this garden “Eden”. It was a wonderful place to live. God gave Adam everything he wanted. Life was good. But, one day God saw that Adam was sad because he was very lonely. So God caused Adam to fall into a deep sleep and while Adam was asleep God took one of Adam’s ribs. From this rib God created a women for Adam. Her name was Eve and she was to be Adam’s helpmate. To stand beside him and to be his companion forever. They were very happy in the Garden of Eden because it was very, very beautiful. Here is your chance to color the Garden of Eden. Try to make as beautiful as it was when Adam and Eve lived there.

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Hi Kids,

God created all the living things on the world and He made them so they could live wherever He put them. He gave fur to the animals that live in the Artic and he gave special abilities to each of them so they could survive in the world. God gave us certain abilities so we could also survive in the world. As we get older we start to see the abilities He gave each and everyone of us. Everybody recieved thier gifts in different ways. God gave me the ability to bring these stories you you with the knowledge to put them here for you to enjoy. God has given many different gifts and expects us to use those gifts to honor Him. When God was creating all the living things He created the camel. The camel was given a gift, from God, to carry water in his/her hump. This made it easy for the camel to live in the dessert where there is not a lot of water for them to drink. THis is a very valuable gift that God gave them, just like to gifts He gives to us. The camel uses his/her “gift from God” to be able to live. God wants you to use the gifts He gives you to live, for Him. Here is a picture of a camel for you to color. Have fun and remember God’s gifts as you color him/her.

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