Hi kids,

Sammy Salvation here. I just thought you would enjoy some games to play. As you plya these games remember that God is always with you. This game is called “Blocks” You build a solid block out of the different shapes that come down. If you think about it, this is how God creates His church. Each one of us are “different shapes” but if we allow Him the turn us and to mold us we will find that we “fit” perfectly in the puzzel, (church). Each one of us has a certain shape that God needs to make His church a solid block. So start with a solid fondation and build your “block” (church) as God builds us. Let God use you and your “shape” to build our church.

To play “Blocks” Click here.

How’s your Bible memory? Here are some games to test your knowledge. Answer the questions and get your scores. Try to answer without looking at the answers. Then grade your answers. After you have graded yourself. Look up the ones you missed in your Bibles.

  • People and Places (easy quiz)      Click here.
  • Intermediate ( a little harder)     Click here.
  • Expert (WOW, you are good)      Click here.
  • Genius (are you up to it?)             Click here.
  • Garden of Eden                               Click here.
  • Cain and Abel                                  Click here.


Word Search

The Garden of Eden

God created a wonderful place for Adam and Eve to live, the Garden of Eden. He told them not to eat of a certain tree in the garden or they would die. Satan told them that it was OK to eat the fruit and so Adam and Eve eat from the tree God told them not to eat from. This let sin into the world. Sin causes death. Have you ever NOT listened to your mom or dad, because a friend or someone else told you it was ok to do it. And then you got in trouble for it. This is what happened to Adam and Eve. God, the Father told them not to eat the fruit of the tree of life and they listened to someone else and did it anyway. Adam and Eve both died, not right away, but they did die. This is the punishment God gave for sinning. Remember that God loves you and does not want you to die. He wants us to have everlasting life and to live with Him forever. So, whenever someone “tempts” you to do something, remember that God is watching. Tell the person that God would not like it if you did it. God loves you. Always remember that.

Try to find the words that tell what happened in the Garden of Eden.

To play Word Search / “What Happened in the Garden of Eden: Click here.