Volunteers like you help extend the work of the Salvation Army, making it possible to serve more people. In every area of service, selfless and dedicated men, women and young people are devoting their time and talents. They provide assistance from cooking and serving meals at the shelter to stocking food bags in the food pantry to staffing the red kettles. Volunteers assist The Salvation Army with its character building activities and character building groups and with visiting our community’s cherished seniors who are housebound or in homes of care.

A Sample List of Some Volunteer Opportunities – for individuals and groups

  • Shelter – preparing and/or serving the evening meal.
  • Shelter – minor repairs, office assistance.
  • Food Pantry – sorting food and stocking shelves, filling grocery bags, greeting clients.
  • General Office – answering phones, greeting clients, assisting with mailings and thanking donors.
  • Thanksgiving – cooking turkeys and meal items, serving the Thanksgiving meal, providing musical entertainment.
  • Christmas kettles – staffing a kettle.
  • Christmas distribution – collecting and sorting of toys, stocking food boxes, distribution day assistance.
  • Family Stores – sorting and pricing items, stocking and helping to keep the store organized.
  • Other – landscaping, assisting with light minor repairs.
  • Disaster Response – helping cook and serve meals, water and snacks, sorting and distribution of various items, logistical support. Note: To be part of disaster response requires pre disaster training regarding equipment and procedures.

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    Why do we want volunteers?

    • Volunteers can provide direct service to clients.
    • Volunteers show clients that someone outside the paid staff cares for them.
    • Volunteers provide help, enabling staff to expand or maintain service.
    • Volunteers supplement essential services with experience, knowledge and skill.
    • Volunteers can focus on one task.
    • Volunteers have credibility because they are unsalaried.
    • Volunteers have access to the community.
    • Volunteers promote a better understanding of Salvation Army service.
    • Volunteers support special events and fundraisers by attending and bringing others.
    • Volunteers are diverse in terms of age, race, social background, income, education and more.
    • Volunteers spark innovation. Historically, volunteers are pioneers in creating new services.
    • Volunteers become acquainted with and then communicate the spiritual goals of the Army.
    • Volunteers can be legislative advocates, fundraisers and public education agents.
    • Volunteers can offer constructive criticism and give feedback for future planning


    For more information or to volunteer, please contact Matt Vandenberg at 434-4854 or email Matthew_Vandenberg@uss.salvationarmy.org