The Salvation Army Advisory Board is a selective group of individuals who are active in the local business community and are interested in promoting and advancing the mission of The Salvation Army. These men and women have made a commitment to assist and advise on how to best use the available finances and resources to help enhance the ministry of our social services and outreach programs. Using their creativity, experience, and genuine calling to service, they initiate ideas and suggestions to help the Army to keep on “doing the most good” in our local community.


Chairman:            Jim Anderson
Vice-Chairman:   Ted Byrd
Secretary:             Robert Hammer, Jr.
Treasurer:            Dennis Miller
Past Chairman:   Robert Miller

  •  Curtis Link
  • Robert E. Wetsel
  • Peter Yates
  • Carol Michael
  • Dennis Miller
  • William Groseclose, III
  • Lowell Fulk
  • L. Wayne Harper
  • Larry Kaylor
  • Hannah Lapp
  • George Willi
  • Emily Morris
  • Richard Parker
  • Gary Stitler
  • Robert Sullivan
  • Carlyle Whitelow
  • George “Tom” Belcher
  • Sandra Miller

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