The Salvation Army is led by officers – ordained ministers – who supervise the many programs and services provided in your area. They also serve as administrators, counselors and youth leaders.

Major James and Lois Allison have been appointed as Area Commanders respectively for The Salvation Army of Hampton Roads.

The Allisons previously served in the same capacity at the Winston-Salem, North Carolina Division of The Salvation Army. The Allisons have served at Divisional Headquarters in the Florida, Alabama/Louisiana/Mississippi, North and South Carolina and National Capital and Virginia Divisions.

The Allisons have served as officers in The Salvation Army for more than 39 years, bringing a wealth of leadership experience, vision, ministry and community service. They love Jesus, people, and to preach the Gospel, which they do every opportunity they get. The Allisons love The Salvation Army and its Mission to meet mankind at the point of need lending a “hand up” rather than a “hand out”.

They are supported by numerous officers, dedicated staff and board members.


Hampton Roads Advisory Board

The Hampton Advisory Board is comprised of community and business leaders dedicated to helping The Salvation Army fulfill its mission of serving our most vulnerable neighbors throughout the Hampton Roads Area. Members serve in an advisory capacity, helping the Army deliver its services in and the most caring and efficient manner possible.