Broad Creek Community

The Broad Creek Revitalization plan that began in 2004 set in motion a vision and transforming strategies to resurrect the essence of Broad Creek as a compelling and reinvigorated community. The plan strives to create magnets and anchors that will attract and retain an economically, socially, and racially diverse community of residents, businesses, investors and encourage community activity. The final outcome will be a community more connected and open to the City and the region.

The Kroc Center will serve as an anchor and magnet to the region, city and Broad Creek community. The Kroc Center will be planned, developed, and operated in a manner that engages true community-wide leadership, networks and support resources. The Kroc Center will tie in additional City plans for a linear park, bike and walking path, a new City library, and athletic fields. The Kroc Center will be less than one mile from the new light rail station as welNorfolk Vice Mayor Anothony Burfootl.

“I don’t think people realize the magnitude of a Kroc Center, It’s going to be a real jolt in the arm for us for the next phase of housing in Broad Creek. In the next three to four years, the whole community will transform and transcend.”
Norfolk Vice Mayor and Broad Creek Resident Anthony Burfoot