Program funds are used to stop clients from being evicted or from home foreclosure.  The program is offered as funding permits.

How to Apply

Clients will need to come to the Social Service office upon receipt of a 5 Day Pay-or-Quit Notice (or equivalent) for rentals or a notice of foreclosure from their mortgage company.  At that time they will be pre-screened to determine basic eligibility.  Those considered eligible will receive a later appointment date.  Upon returning for their appointment clients will be required to complete a Salvation Army Social Service application.  Final determination of eligibility to be determined once all paperwork is complete and documentation is received.  If approved a check will be mailed directly to the landlord or mortgage company.

For more information, call the rental assistance hotline, 757-965-9012 ext. 4. Information changes regularly so clients are urged to call the hotline before taking further action

Items Required/Details:

  • Can only receive assistance once every 5 years
  • Can only be delinquent one month and it must be for the month they are asking assistance for
  • Picture ID for primary bill holder/applicant (they should be one in the same.
  • Up to date lease or mortgage statement.
  • 5 Day Pay-or-Quit Notice (or equivalent) for rentals or a notice of foreclosure from a mortgage company.
  • Private landlords only– copy of picture ID and Social Security Card.
  • All utility bills (electric, gas and water).
  • Any additional bills (phone, cell phone, credit card, medical bills, etc.)
  • Social Security Card, Birth Certificate or other official identification for all additional household members.
  • Proof of all household income to include; employment income, unemployment income, food stamps, TANF, child support, disability, retirement, vet benefits, etc.