As soon as Anthony L. Burfoot learned about Ray and Joan Kroc Corps Community Center in San Diego (his daughters enjoyed the facility on vacation), he believed a Kroc Center in Norfolk would fit perfectly for the planned Broad Creek revitalization.

Seeing promise where others saw warehouses and general decay, Burfoot worked with Norfolk officials, the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authority (NRHA), and a growing legion of supporters, to acquire land and necessary resources to fulfill a dream. To make Broad Creek, with the addition of the Kroc Center, a model for the region and the country on how to create a racially and economically diverse, walkable urban village on the edge of downtown.

“What we are struggling to create here – amid one of the biggest economic downturns in decades – is a synergy, a combination of job and housing opportunities, recreational, entertainment and transportation options that will turn Broad Creek from a name to a destination. The Kroc Center will serve as an anchor to the Broad Creek community with new homes and apartments and older historic neighborhoods. It will also serve as a magnet for the region. The approximately 200 jobs the Kroc Center will bring to the Broad Creek neighborhood, also creates a stimulus in a community that had so long been disenfranchised,” says Burfoot.

Burfoot was born in Norfolk and educated in Norfolk’s public schools. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration and a Master’s degree in Educational and Administrative supervision. The father of four daughters, Burfoot is married to Dr. Keisha Burfoot. He was recently re-elected to his third consecutive term as Vice Mayor.

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