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Personal and Group Training is the best way to reach your fitness goals efficiently and safely. Our certified personal trainers provide specialized fitness programs through one-on-one or semi-private training.  Personal training sessions are perfect for someone who is new to fitness and needs guidance on where to start or even a fitness pro who knows their way around the gym but needs help creating the best routine for maximized results.  We offer Personal Training Sessions for one on one training, Group Training Sessions a perfect way to get together with your workout buddy and have fun and Sports Specific Training for performance training designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement. We can keep you motivated, accountable and most importantly- consistent; the three keys to reaching ultimate fitness.

Personal Training Sessions


Small Group Training Sessions


For more information on personal training or to schedule a consultation contact Brandon Trusty at 757-622-5762 ext. 64351 or Brandon.Trusty@uss.salvationarmy.org