How We Help

We are experiencing a large increase in the number of Americans needing life’s basic necessities: food; shelter; and warmth. Approximately 30 million people received help from The Salvation Army last year.


Individuals and families seeking assistance through The Loudoun County Salvation Army Corps have the Emergency Assistance Program available to them.  They must be Loudoun County residents facing a crisis. Eligibility is determined by an initial phone screening with social services. Completion of phone screening does not guarantee financial assistance through The Salvation Army.

During the phone screening, people who are scheduled for a face-to-face interview will be given a list of personal documents that must be brought to the scheduled appointment. All required documents must be in hard copy form. Email and Fax are not accepted! A face-to-face appointment with social services is required to successfully receive financial assistance through The Salvation Army.

Please call 1(703) 771-3371 to schedule a phone screening!



People seeking rental assistance who have a 5-day notice to pay or to quit and have been deemed eligible for funds will be required to submit documents (W-9 and Rental verification Form) signed and dated by landlord or rental property manager. These documents are in addition to the list of documents given during the phone screening that must be completed prior to scheduled face to face appointment.




Individuals seeking utility assistance (Water, Gas, Electric, etc.) younger than 60 years of age must currently have a disconnection notice from utility company in order to be granted a phone screening with social services. Seniors are exempt from requiring disconnect notice from their utility provider.


Individuals and their families who show the need for clothing can receive assistance through a voucher to our thrift store. Individuals can receive up to $20.00 for garments and up to $15.00 for shoes.  If the need persists, adults can return for a voucher to our store every six months and children every three months.

*The voucher must be used the day it is issued.

When time comes for your scheduled appointment with social services, we suggest that all individuals who need clothing assistance are present. Doing this gives you the opportunity to shop our thrift Store and identify items that could be purchased with your voucher

*No Boutique items can be purchased with an issued voucher.

*No high heels can be purchased with an issued voucher.

*FURNITURE: We provide assistance with furniture and/or household item vouchers ONLY for special emergencies—such as fire and natural disaster. Individuals who have been incarcerated can also qualify for furniture and/or household item vouchers.


For additional information please contact our case worker at 703-771-3371 ext. 20.


 Every Saturday local churches take turns serving a FREE meal to those who may need one at two locations:

STERLING (Big Lots Parking Lot) 4:00 PM – 4:30 PM – 300 Enterprise Street, Sterling, VA 20164

LEESBURG (Shenandoah Building Parking Lots 102 Heritage Way, NE Leesburg VA) 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM.

FHL is a food drive program. We count on volunteers like you to donate cooked lasagnas, granola bars, fruits, dinner rolls, and water the first Saturday of each month.

To donate food and volunteer as a server the first and fifth Saturday of each month, please go to:

Go to

Click on the “Find A Sign Up” tab

In the “Search by the Creator’s Email” field, enter


Visit our Facebook page:


Volunteer Drivers

We always need volunteers to drive the canteen when we deliver meals on Saturdays from 2:30 to 6:30pm, a commercial driver’s license is NOT REQUIRED. You can volunteer to drive for only one day, or for multiple days. If you are interested, please fill out the Motor Vehicle Request Authorization Form and email it back to us with a PDF copy of your drivers license (back and front).  This can be a one time or multiple days volunteer opportunity.

 Click here to download the FHL flyers in English and Spanish.