The Salvation Army of Greater Lynchburg, Virginia welcomes Captains Trey and Sheri Jones. The Joneses have held many leadership roles with The Salvation Army most recently serving as Captains in Fredericksburg, VA. As children of Salvation Army officers, they have lived in several locations throughout the southern United States developing a heart for service and a love of ministry.

Their desire to help others led them to serve those who have been adversely affected by natural disasters and emergency situations. While attending college at John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR, Captain Trey witnessed first-hand The Salvation Army’s emergency disaster response to the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. This led him to apply for a position with The Salvation Army’s Emergency Disaster Services Department in Tampa, FL, where he held many positions with the last being director of the department. Captain Sheri also served as a first responder in Florida providing medical attention to hundreds of individuals as a certified paramedic.

During his time working for the Disaster Services Department of The Salvation Army, Captain Trey worked on more than 20 natural disasters in the United States including 11 hurricanes. Currently, Captain Trey is designated as the Incident Commander for all disasters in the National Capital and Virginia Division of The Salvation Army. He is also a veteran of the United States Army with eight years of service.

In their previous assignments with The Salvation Army, the Joneses developed strong youth programs, women leadership groups and community music programs. Captains Trey and Sheri both play several instruments with Captain Trey serving as a member of The Salvation Army National Capital Band. “We are so excited to be able to serve the Greater Lynchburg community,” stated Captain Trey Jones. “This community is beautiful both in scenery and heart. We are excited about partnering with others to not only combat poverty and homelessness, but to also improve the quality of life for those we serve in His name.”

Captains Trey and Sheri Jones have three children and will be serving the Greater Lynchburg community along with Lt. Kathy Paladino, a former teacher and mother of four. All officers are also graduates of Evangeline Booth College in Atlanta, GA.