Salvation Army Responds To Multiple Tornadoes in Kokomo, Indiana Area

Kokomo, IN - The Salvation Army is serving survivors and first responders in the Kokomo, Indiana area after last night's storms and multiple tornado touchdowns. At least 8 tornadoes were confirmed in Howard and neighboring counties. The storms left hundreds in need of shelter, food and hydration. The Salvation Army was meeting those needs last night at a shelter set up by the city of Kokomo where more than 220 residents [READ MORE]

Summer Camp Tour Benefits Salvation Army Flood Relief Effort

If you are an officer, employee or long time volunteer of The Salvation Army, you’ve heard it said many times, “I thought The Salvation Army only did Christmas and thrift stores.” Take that person, who only knows those programs, on a tour of one of our campuses anywhere in the world. The reaction is the same. “I had no idea you did all this.” That reaction was the same for Dan [READ MORE]

One Question Inspires Mississippi Town To Help Flood Survivors

“Is there anything we can do to help?” That’s a question being asked across the South and no doubt, across our country as folks see reports of the impact of historic flooding on Southern Louisiana. The Salvation Army in Baton Rouge and Lafayette has seen first-hand the result of that simple question. In Brandon, Mississippi, as leaders came together for a meeting of the board of aldermen, one concerned citizen with [READ MORE]

Lafayette Salvation Army Gears Up for Increased Disaster Assistance

Relief efforts continue full force for The Salvation Army in Lafayette and the surrounding area. As the waters recede more residents are tackling the task of cleaning up after the devastation left from last week’s storms. As residents begin the hard work of putting their lives back together The Salvation Army is focusing on how to best serve the needs of those affected both in the short and long term. With those goals in mind The Salvation Army is gearing up efforts to address [READ MORE]

Tim’s Story – Homeless but Helping Others as a Salvation Army Volunteer

Tim is a volunteer for The Salvation Army in Shreveport and was the first to step up when a call was made for volunteers to deploy to Baton Rouge to assist with disaster services.  He’s been in Baton Rouge for six long, hard days, but he says he would do it again in a heartbeat.     “We take the canteen out and rove the neighborhoods and look for piles of debris first, then we look for [READ MORE]

Salvation Army Continues to Support Evacuees of Bluecut Fire

Victorville, Calif. (Aug. 20, 2016) – The Salvation Army continues to serve the evacuees and victims of the Bluecut Fire by providing meals, clothing and emotional care at the shelter / evacuation center stationed at the San Bernardino Fairgrounds.  An average of 200 to 300 people are served by The Salvation Army during each mealtime. Approximately 500 meals have been served since fire response began on Wednesday morning, thanks to teamwork between [READ MORE]

Salvation Army Extends Meal Services to Repopulated Areas of Lower Lake

SACRAMENTO--The Salvation Army has extended meal services to the repopulated areas in Lower Lake to feed residents affected by the recent Clayton Fire.  Teams have established three services sites for residents who have already re-entered today and for those coming through the weekend.  Also, staff will continue feeding at the Twin Pine Casino in Middletown.  Initial planning calls for the meal service to extend [READ MORE]

Father, son team delivers food and hope in Baton Rouge flood

(Baton Rouge, LA) The Ketchums make a great team when it comes to disaster response. The father, son duo are one of the most experienced crews working in Baton Rouge this week following historic flooding throughout many parts of Southern Louisiana. “I know how he wants things…I can anticipate what he wants,” said Ike Ketchum. Dan drives and Ike navigates. They have worked as a team since Hurricane Gustav. The [READ MORE]

Volunteers Arrive as Salvation Army Starts Handing Out Supplies

(Baton Rouge, LA) Baton Rouge resident, Vanessa Yates stands outside a vacant part of the Cortana Mall now turned into The Salvation Army’s distribution center waiting for her name to be called.  Yates says her home was under eight feet of water just a couple days ago and now she’s trying to clean up. After a few more minutes, a volunteer brings her a case of water, cleaning supplies, and a food box. “It’s good to find [READ MORE]