Chaplains With The Salvation Army and National Guard Learn From Each Other at PATRIOT Exercise

“The variety of issues that came up was huge. They ranged from a lost animal to a loved one who had passed,” said DeWayne Householter, a Salvation Army volunteer from Peoria, Illinois. Householter is one of four Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) trained volunteers serving as a chaplain in the PATRIOT 2015 exercise, an annual Domestic Operations training exercise sponsored by the National Guard Bureau and accredited by the Joint National Capability Program. The [READ MORE]

Salvation Army hosts Special Olympics athletes for breakfast in LA’s South Bay

Forty athletes from Haiti, Benin and Suriname will be guests of The Salvation Army in Redondo Beach for breakfast this week in the lead up to the Special Olympics' opening ceremony on Saturday, July 25th. The athletes range in age from 16 to 40 years old are are staying at hotels in the Redondo Beach area. Each morning they'll be shuttled to The Salvation Army on Beryl Street for scrambled eggs, waffles, bagels and cream cheese, and fresh fruit!

The Salvation Army Participates in National Guard’s PATRIOT 2015 Exercise

“All in all I’d say it was a good first day, even though we had a few hiccups. That’s pretty typical during the first day of a disaster,” said Major Karen Hanton, The Salvation Army Central Territory Training Coordinator. This week The Salvation Army is participating in the PATRIOT 2015 exercise, an annual Domestic Operations training exercise sponsored by the National Guard Bureau and accredited by the Joint National Capability Program. The training focuses [READ MORE]

Salvation Army responds to flooding in eastern Kentucky

The Salvation Army's Kentucky &  Tennessee Division Emergency Disaster Service is responding after devastating floods hit eastern Kentucky on Monday, leading Governor Steve Beshear to declare a state of emergency.  Three people were killed, six more are still missing and hundreds have been left homeless.  There is also significant property damage, both from flood waters and leftover debris. Salvation Army personnel are working closely with community leadership [READ MORE]

Florida Shower Trailers in Service

Even when it seems the coast is clear, The Salvation Army Florida Division’s Emergency Disaster Services teams are involved in a most basic ministry, showers. Yes, showers. At the end of a hard day's work or after a trip to the beach, the feeling of a warm shower is invaluable. The Emergency Disaster Services Ministry of the Florida Division is supporting two organizations that are heavily involved with helping others by providing shower services.  The Salvation Army [READ MORE]

Unpaid tickets – often the 1st stop on the road to financial ruin

What happens when someone can't afford to pay their tickets? If they can't pay the fine, their unpaid tickets mount up and their license is suspended or their car is towed to an impound lot. Sadly, for many low-income or working poor people, getting their car towed sets off a string of events that can lead to financial disaster.

Salvation Army Responds to Severe Weather in Quincy, Illinois

St. Louis, MO., July 14, 2015 – The Salvation Army Midland Division Emergency Disaster Services (EDS) has been responding to last night’s severe weather in Quincy, Illinois that has left more than 21,000 residents without power as many of the city’s roads were littered with fallen trees. Two canteens from St. Louis are being deployed and will join the Quincy canteen in providing food and hydration to first responders and victims as well as emergency assistance to those that [READ MORE]

CommuniGift platform makes birthday’s special for low-income kids

Harry's mom and dad are hard working and loving parents. They can afford to give him the basics but sometimes the extras many of us take for granted are beyond their reach. Like a birthday party with his friends, complete with cake and gifts. Thankfully, that's where our favorite new online do-gooding platform comes in handy: CommuniGift!

The Salvation Army of Manatee County called to serve first responders after deadly home invasion

Bradenton, Fla. (June 9, 2015) – The Salvation Army of Manatee County is providing meals and spiritual support to first responders and family members after a deadly shooting in the Southern Parkway area of Bradenton. A Salvation Army canteen, or kitchen on wheels, was dispatched to the scene around 9:30 Thursday morning to serve coffee, water and meals to first responders who were investigating the crime. Staff members and a volunteer also provided emotional and spiritual care to [READ MORE]