The people of Beaufort empower The Salvation Army to serve after Matthew

Beaufort, SC - When a disaster the size of Hurricane Matthew comes around, every available person is called in. For The Salvation Army, that includes pulling Canteens (mobile feeding units) and feeding crews from places as far as Texas to the aid of those affected by the storm in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. Lieutenant Heather Dolby, along with her volunteer crew-mates Amy and Michelle, was one [READ MORE]

Salvation Army Providing Hope in the Carolinas

Charlotte, N.C. (October 16, 2016)—Shelter residents call her the ‘Love Lady’, but other people know her as Captain Cathy Michels. She is a corps officer from Frederick, Maryland serving as an Emotional and Spiritual Care (ESC) worker in Bladenboro, North Carolina, which was impacted by wide-spread flooding after Hurricane Matthew dumped almost 18 inches of rain on the area. Emotional and Spiritual Care workers [READ MORE]

The Salvation Army in Orangeburg: It’s not THAT we serve, it’s HOW we serve

Orangeburg, SC - Numbers are impressive. It always feels good to be able to sit back and say things like, “The Salvation Army has already served more than 120,000 meals, 150,000 snacks and 125,000 drinks in response to Hurricane Matthew in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas.” (Which is true, by the way.) It feels even better to be able to say that we aren’t [READ MORE]

Faith in the Face of the Storm: The Salvation Army in Savannah

Savannah, GA - Hope is an amazing thing. It can take a family by the hand and lead them out of the depths of despair. It can raise up a community out of unthinkable disaster. And it can bless us with immeasurable spiritual riches in the midst of desperate times. But when disaster hits, who are the messengers of hope? Who are those who stand firm in the face of the storms in life with a willing heart to serve selflessly and to share an encouraging word when it is needed [READ MORE]

Why Does The Salvation Army Provide Food and Water in a Disaster?

Charlotte, N.C. (October 13, 2016)— Every day across the world, The Salvation Army is feeding people, meeting one of their most basic needs. That need changes and expands before, during, and after a disaster. When a disaster happens, The Salvation Army is there to deliver food and drinks to people. Why is food and water support so important in a disaster? Who does The Salvation Army serve? WE FEED BEFORE A DISASTER<br [READ MORE]

Brunswick: A Bottle of Water and an Encouraging Word

Brunswick, Georgia –  The islands near Brunswick were affected with winds and some storm surge causing downed trees and loss of power.  Due to the fallen trees, many families and individuals who evacuated had to wait until Monday or Tuesday to be allowed back on the islands.  On Tuesday, residents were allowed to get back on St. Simons Island; however, the wait was long. John, a police officer in a position of [READ MORE]

The Salvation Army At Its Best: Hurricane Relief in Savannah

Savannah, GA - The Salvation Army continues to serve the needs of first responders and returning residents as Savannah begins to restore and recover from Hurricane Matthew. At the height of relief operations, The Salvation Army enlisted 22 mobile feeding kitchens (canteens) and a field kitchen supplied by Texas Division to deliver food, drinks, and spiritual care to those across Georgia impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Five canteens from the [READ MORE]

Stories from the Frontline in North and South Carolina

Charlotte, NC - When you think about responding to disasters, serving those who need us most, your first thought might not be the most positive. But, what we know is that, when we have an opportunity to provide individuals with their most basic needs in a time of crisis, we experience true, genuine gratitude. People are so incredibly thankful when we are able to hand them a hot meal and speak an encouraging word. We wanted to share [READ MORE]

We Made the Call, They Came Running to Help

Charlotte, N.C. (October 12, 2016)— The Salvation Army has 22 mobile feeding kitchens (canteens) on the road in North and South Carolina, bringing a food, drinks, and a ray of hope to people impacted by Hurricane Matthew. The Salvation Army is serving in multiple locations along the Carolinas coast and eastern North Carolina—from Beaufort, S.C. to Elizabeth City, N.C. and east of I-95—and response is expanding. The [READ MORE]