The Salvation Army of Dane County's Emergency Disaster Services

The Salvation Army of Dane County’s Emergency Disaster Services

PORTAGE, Wis. – The Salvation Army of Dane County’s Emergency Disaster Services response team is providing support to crews in Portage Tuesday as they continue to search for the body of a 13-year-old boy, the organization said Tuesday.

The Salvation Army said it’s providing hydration and food services to the boy’s family, EMTs and other first responders at the scene.

On Sunday at about 6 p.m., an officer was flagged down near Silver Lake Beach in Portageon a report of a person possibly drowning, according to the release. The boy was playing in the water near the boat launch at Silver Lake Beach, outside of the swim area.

Three days later, crews were still searching to recover his body.

The Columbia County Sheriff’s Office said the department has a dive team in the water, and the Department of Natural Resources and Milwaukee police are at Silver Lake with a sector scan sonar.

Authorities with the city, county and state departments have been at the scene to help in the search.

Lt. Keith Klafke said teams Tuesday were discussing the options left and worst-case scenario type of plans.

“We are using all the resources available and it is helpful to have these teams on hand,” Klafke said in the release. “Closing in on three days now, the other entities will help push the search into later today with more invasive search tactics.”

Klafke said the family has been an active part of the search process and everyone is working to keep false information out of the media.

“I can understand the frustration of not having your boy in your arms for three days, but through it all the family has exhibited the utmost cooperation and been extremely supportive of our efforts.”

Silver Lake and its access points, including the beach, boat landing, park and parking lot areas, were closed to the public as the search continued, Portage police said.


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