Dennis – A Veteran Overcoming Adversity

Dennis is a veteran who served our country during the Vietnam War.


Dennis is a veteran who served our country during the Vietnam War.

For more than two years, he has been a full time employee with McGuire VA Medical Center. He maintains an apartment in Richmond. His willingness to overcome significant adversity is an example.

“2011 was a changing year in my life; it started out depressing but turned into amazing.”

After his military career he began working in hospitals where he remained until 2008 when he was laid off after 15 years as anesthesiology technician.

“More people were coming out of school with nursing degrees and the tech positions were getting squeezed out.”

Without a steady paycheck Dennis lost his home and was forced onto the streets. Depression set in and Dennis found himself turning to external sources for comfort.

“I became clean the day I entered The Salvation Army in fall 2011. I didn’t want alcohol anymore. God led me to the Army and the Case Managers helped me get perspective and overcome the challenges caused by my choices and how I was living. My faith is very strong and that is what keeps me going. The generosity, the compassion of the donors I’ve experienced personally and I see every day amazes me.”

Dennis’ Case Manager helped him secure a place in the Comprehensive Work Therapy program at McGuire VA Medical Center where he has worked full time since 2012.

“You can’t think negative, you won’t get anything done.”

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