Virginia Secretary of Education Visits STEAMtrix Finale

The STEAMtrix program at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club taught by Club Alumna Merci Best came to an end. The four week program culminated with visits from the Virginia Secretary of Education, Anne Holton and Virginia Director of STEM, Dr. Megan Healy, respectively.

“To have someone like Merci, a product of the Richmond Public School system and Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club back here to teach this kids that math can be exciting really speaks volumes to them,” said Secretary of Education Anne Holton. “Merci is a bright girl with a real go-getter attitude and it’s fun to watch someone doing something exciting and interesting.”

Merci wrote on her blog (The Best of Merci B) “The culmination of my pilot STEAMtrix program was an amazing success. Thanks for all your support throughout the journey.”

Watch the News Update with Merci’s Interview

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