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    The Salvation Army has six locations in Central Virginia. Please review the list below to contact the appropriate office.

    The Salvation Army Central Virginia Area Command
    2 West Grace Street
    Richmond, VA 23220
    (804) 225-7470
    Services: Family Services, Shelter, Rehousing, Employment Preparation, Administration, Development

    The Salvation Army Richmond Citadel Corps
    5327 Orcutt Lane
    Richmond, VA 23224
    (804) 745-5524
    Services: Worship, Service, Performing Arts

    The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
    3701 R Street
    Richmond, VA 23223
    (804) 222-3122
    Services: Youth programming, After School, Performing Arts, Education

    The Salvation Army Tri-Cities Service Center
    1228 South West Street
    Petersburg, VA 23804
    (804) 732-8449
    Services: Family Services, Community Education Center

    The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center
    2601 Hermitage Road
    Richmond, VA 23220
    (804) 359-0269
    Services: Adult Rehabilitation

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