Majors Carter

  • In June 2013, Majors Timothy and Donna Carter were appointed Area Commanders of The Salvation Army in Central Virginia, leaving their previous appointment in Gastonia, North Carolina. Over their careers as officers (28 years, 1985) they have served in Georgia, Texas, North and South Carolina, and now Virginia.

    Majors Timothy and Donna Carter

    Majors Timothy and Donna Carter

    “We know there is a rich Salvation Army history here in Central Virginia,” said Major Timothy Carter. “We know several of the past Area Commanders, and we hope to build on the foundation that’s been built over the years. We look forward to serving the people of this area, and relying on the Lord as new challenges come our way.”

    The Carters have both served in various disaster relief capacities – from Incident Command to mobile kitchens. Both served after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita at different times and in different locations and have been a part of smaller responses following fires, tornadoes and hurricanes.

    From 2007 to 2012 the Carters were Field Training Officers, at The Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth College, School for Officer Training in Atlanta, GA. In that position were responsible for all off-campus training in which the cadets (students) were involved.

    “We feel honored, but humbled to be in this position as Area Commanders,” said Major Donna Carter. “We would simply like to help the Army continue to move forward in its service to Central Virginia, and be faithful to what the Lord has entrusted to us.”

    Majors Carter claim Texas as their home. The couple has you been married 32 years (1982) and have three adult children Annie (28), David (26), and Drew (24).

    How were you called to become officers?

    Major Timothy

    The Lord called me not long after I was converted at the age of 27. It’s difficult to explain, but I saw the ministry of The Salvation Army in Mexico, and knew it was something I wanted to be a part of – nothing else mattered. When I became a Christian, my values changed, my outlook changed, and I knew the only thing I wanted to do was to be involved in this ministry – nothing else would satisfy.

    Major Donna

    I had known since first grade that I wanted to be an elementary school teacher. I went to college with that goal in mind. However, sometime during my sophomore year, I became dissatisfied with some of the classes I was taking. I began to realize that this wasn’t where my real interest was. I had developed a hunger and thirst to learn more about God’s Word. That’s when I knew that the Lord was redirecting me – not to teach school, but to teach people about the love of Jesus – as a Salvation Army officer.