Women’s Auxiliary

  • The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary is the local expression of a worldwide movement that seeks the spiritual redemption and social rehabilitation of those it serves and functions as a fundraising and volunteer service group.

    The Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary (SAWA) is a fundraising and volunteer organization that supports the work of The Army throughout Central Virginia. Through its various fundraising efforts over the years, SAWA has been able to contribute monetarily to The Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club, the Richmond Citadel Center for Worship & Service, the School for the Performing Arts and the Adult Rehabilitation Center.

    The members of SAWA encourage others to join them in their efforts to make a difference in Central Virginia. The fee to join is $25 for an active membership and $50 for a supportive membership.

    If you are interested in joining SAWA or would like to learn more, please contact Major Donna Carter at (804) 591-3809.