Friends of the Army

  • Charitable Giving, Your Way

    You want to feel comfortable and gratified about your charitable giving. But you don’t want to be constantly asked for money, flooded with mail, or feel you’re giving out of guilt. We don’t want that either.

    As a donor, you have the deepest appreciation, admiration, and respect for The Salvation Army. You make it possible for us to continue “Doing the Most Good” by rescuing and rehabilitating those who need us most in Central Virginia.

    The Salvation Army stands for caring, compassion, and kindness. That’s our purpose. And when you become a Friend of The Army, you share in that purpose. It’s almost as if you’re working right beside us as we minister and care for the needy.

    When it’s time to donate, you’ll receive a friendly reminder in the mail. So you don’t have to mark your calendar or worry about forgetting.

    As a Friend of The Army, YOU Can:

    • Be part of the group that believes in making the world a better place.
    • Enable The Salvation Army in Central Virginia to do long-range planning to help more people.
    • Support a wide range of Salvation Army programs, right here in Central Virginia, that help provide food and shelter to the homeless.
    • Donate because you want to, not because you’re hounded or feel guilty.
    • Reduce The Salvation Army’s costs (since we send less mail), so more money goes to helping people.
    • Reduce the amount of mail you receive.
    • Tell us how much and how often you want to donate; we’ll listen.
    • Receive convenient reminders when it’s time for your planned donation.
    • Review your Annual Statement detailing your donations for tax deduction purposes.

    For more information or to enroll in Friends of the Army, contact Matt Pochily at (804) 591-3808.

    As a Friend of The Army, you will receive an Annual Statement from The Salvation Army detailing your donations for tax-deduction purposes.

    Other than the reminders, the only mail you receive is The Salvation Army newsletter three times a year, and a special Christmas holiday mailing. These mailings will keep you up to date on all the work The Salvation Army does, and allow us to share our holiday blessings with you.

    If you decide to leave Friends of The Army, simply write “cancel” on the reminder and return it or give us a call.