Make a Gift

  • Our Donor Promise

    As a donor of The Salvation Army Central Virginia, you deserve the right to build relationships with representatives of The Salvation Army. You can have confidence knowing that we will be trustworthy with your financial information, excellent stewards of your gifts by ensuring it is used as requested, and that our hearts are committed to helping those in need.

    If you have any questions concerning your donation, please call (804) 225-7470 and request to speak to a Donor Care representative.

    Ways to Give

    There are several simple ways to give to The Salvation Army while remaining assured that your gift is Doing the Most Good in Central Virginia.

    Online Giving

    The most common and easiest way to give is online to The Salvation Army in your community.

    Customize Your Gift
    At the donation page you will see “Program or Service to Use Your Donation Toward” in that field you may enter the program or service you’d like to support, name of an individual the gift is in memory of or leave it blank if you have no preference.

    Donations by Mail

    The Salvation Army Central Virginia Area Command
    PO Box 12400
    Richmond, VA 23241

    Donations may be designated to a specific community or program within the Area Command.

    Friends of The Army

    Tell us how much and how often you want to donate; we’ll listen.

    Receive convenient reminders when it’s time for your planned donation.

    Review your Annual Statement detailing your donations for tax deduction purposes.

    Gifts in Kind

    Our needs vary among the respective programs. With that in mind, we know writing a check may not always be the best option, but picking up an extra set of towels, a few school supplies or donating that suit you’ll never wear again, is doable.

    Gifts of Stock

    Donations of stock can be a benefit to you, as well as to The Salvation Army. An outright gift of long-term securities (owned more than one year) to The Salvation Army is free of capital gains tax.

    Gifts of Real Estate

    We can accept gifts of: unimproved real estate, commercial real estate, residences, farms and vacation homes. If you are considering a gift of cash or real estate, please call 1-866-399-2684 or click here to contact Kim Wentz.

    Planned Giving

    Arranged by you legally during your lifetime. These gifts include:

    Bequests by Will

    Gift Annuity

    Charitable Remainder Trust

    Pooled Income Fund

    Life Insurance

    Hometown Endowment

    Christmas Giving

    Every year, The Salvation Army in Central Virginia helps provide Christmas Assistance to thousands of children and hundreds of seniors in the Richmond metro and Tri-Cities region.


    Volunteers give of their time, talent and resources throughout the year in order to help us provide vital services to those who need us most.

    Salvation Army Planned Giving Advisors are professionals, with many years of experience in estate and gift planning, who care about your goals and plans. They will work with your attorney or accountant to explain the many gift opportunities available to you and the financial advantages of each. Contact us to learn how confidential, personal financial planning can help you achieve your goals while helping to sustain our life-changing mission.


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