Food Pantry Giving

  • Food Drives

    The Salvation Army is asking for your help. We are seeking partners to conduct food drives to collect donations of non-perishable food items. The Salvation Army in turn will distribute these items to the hungry that come to us for food assistance.

    It is a challenge to keep our food pantry stocked to meet the month to month increases in requests for food assistance. To date, we have seen a 22% increase in those served over the same period last year; including hundreds who have never had to seek help from The Salvation Army.

    Who are the people that seek food assistance from The Salvation Army? What are the challenges that threaten to overwhelm them?

    They are the working poor. They are the unemployed. They are the elderly living on fixed incomes. They are families with young children. Many are disabled. Many are in poor health.

    Each day, many of our food pantry clients make hard decisions between whether to pay for food or to pay the utilities….to pay for food or this month’s rent….to pay for food or medical care… pay for food or transportation.

    While the need is great and will likely to remain so for the foreseeable future; the solution is a simple act of faith – scheduling a food drive and asking your congregation to respond to the needs of those who come to us for food.

    We are presently asking partners that can schedule food drives in the months of May, June or July.

    To make it easy to execute a food drive we can provide banners, posters, a program insert template and food bin receptacles of various sizes.

    On behalf of those who seek food assistance, we humbly ask for your support.

    For more information, please call The Salvation Army at (804) 225-7470.

    Thank you!