Donuts of Hope

  • Donuts of Hope

    What is Donuts of Hope?
    DONUTS of HOPE gives special emphasis to the connection the Donut and The Salvation Army Shield have had in impacting lives for the past 130+ years.

    The Donuts of Hope campaign supports

    • The men and women of the armed forces who fought for our freedom but now find themselves fighting for housing, food and careers in a volatile economy;
    • Other families and individuals in need as they resolve homelessness and hunger, participate in opportunities for youth at risk, or gain access to continuing education, employment and other support.

    What is the Connection?
    During World Wars I and II, The Salvation Army was on the front lines of battlefields across the world serving donuts and providing counseling to the men and women in battle. When many soldiers returned to America after the wars, they craved the taste of the donuts they’d been served by The Salvation Army overseas. For many at the time, the donut was their first introduction to The Salvation Army.

    Today, ever service and program that The Salvation Army provides strives to bring hope to those in need and our Red Shield serves as the primary beacon of HOPE to the least, the lonely and the lost.
    Through support of the Donuts of Hope campaign, The Salvation Army can:

    • Provide solutions for veterans of the armed forces who find themselves struggling;
    • Help others participating in programs as they reach goals, develop character, overcome adversity and have faith in the future.

    How Can I Support Donuts of Hope?
    Help increase the awareness of The Salvation Army’s work with veterans and others in our region and help us continue to serve through transformative programming and services. Individual donations and sponsorship for Donuts of Hope provides The Salvation Army with resources to meet the needs of the veteran population and others in Central Virginia seeking our support. Additionally, with each purchase of donuts at Martin’s stores the week of May 29 – June 4 and at Duck Donuts Short Pump on Friday, June 3, a portion of the purchase will be donated to The Salvation Army.

    What are the results of my support?
    Last year, with the help of donors, sponsors and volunteers during the Donuts of Hope Campaign, The Salvation Army:

    • Helped more than 200 veterans with housing, meals, family services and continuing education;.
    • Ensured 731 families had financial assistance for utilities, rent or mortgage assistance;
    • Served 56,957 community meals and distributed 533 grocery bags for families and individuals;
    • Helped 168 families secure permanent housing and 195 individuals find or sustain employment;
    • Ensured 105 youths/day had a place to excel in our Boys and Girls Club;
    • Served 1591 class attendees through continuing education with Academic, Business and Life Skills.

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