Hoops for Health

  • In early 2013, a report found that residents of the East End of Richmond had a life expectancy of 20 years less than residents in other parts of the city (Read the Richmond Times-Dispatch article here). Hoops for Health is a basketball tournament and community festival hosted by The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club that promotes exercise and healthy lifestyles among all community members. The 2014 Hoops for Health and Healthy Living Festival marks the beginning of the year-long campaign for healthy lifestyle choices and behaviors including challenges, activities and gatherings.

    Hoops for Health and Healthy Living Festival invites all community members to learn and live to make healthy choices and realize the potential for themselves and their families at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club.


    When: Saturday, May 2 beginning at 8:00 AM at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club
    Ages: 6-8 grades for basketball, all ages for Healthy Living Festival
    Cost: Free

    Hoops for Health

    Hoops for Health

    3-on-3 Tournament

    Entries for up to 16 boys teams and 16 girls teams will be accepted for the 3-on-3 tournament. Each team may have 3 to 5 players. A waiting list will be established when entries exceed the number of available spots. Each team will play at least two 15 minute games. If they lose their first game of the day, they will be entered into the consolation bracket, they are eliminated from the event after their next loss. If a team wins their first game of the day but loses their second, they are eliminated from the tournament. First place will have won 4 games, second place will have won 3 games and lost one (the final). Third place will be the winner of the consolation bracket who will have lost their first game but won their next 3. Download the entry form and return it to Hugh Jones at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club at 3701 R Street, Richmond, VA 23223 by April 18 or complete an online registration form.

    Healthy Living Festival

    The healthy living festival is a gathering of local non-profit organizations interested in promoting healthy lifestyles to youth and families in the East End of Richmond during the Hoops for Health event on Saturday, May 2. Organizations attending are asked to provide ‘accidental education’. It shouldn’t be the normal hand out brochures, we want the children and families to engage with you and learn about living healthier and what your organization has to offer to help them do that. Contact Sue Kindred at kindredspirit50@gmail.com to receive more information or sign-up to attend the healthy living festival.

    Make a Gift

    A gift to the Hoops for Health and Healthy Living Festival will help ensure vulnerable young people and their families can engage in the active process of becoming aware of and make choices that can positively affect their futures and communities. Please Click here to make a gift or visit https://donate.salvationarmyusa.org/ncv/richmond/hoops-for-health

    Healthy Living Challenges

    Each month The Salvation Army Family Services Office and Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club puts together a healthy living challenge for all community members to participate in. Click here to see past and present challenges.