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  • Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club

    Changing a Generation, One Youth at a Time

    In mid-October 1920, The Salvation Army began serving Church Hill youth at its Richmond Church Hill Corps at 728 N. 28th Street.

    Over the course of the next 30 years, The Salvation Army’s programs were structured and focused on area youth, and in 1949, the outpost at Church Hill was officially named the Red Shield Boys Club.

    On January 28, 1954 the Club merged with the Boys Clubs of America and was chartered the Salvation Army Boys Club.

    In 1971, The Salvation Army moved the Red Shield Boys Club to its current location, 3701 R Street and the facility was named The Salvation Army Boys Club and Neighborhood Center. This new facility was dedicated by then State Senator L. Douglas Wilder, who was the chairman of the Boys Club Council.

    This new facility boasted game rooms, meeting rooms, a library, clinic, lunchroom, an indoor pool; donated by the E. Claiborne Robins family; and a gymnasium; donated by the Reynolds aluminum family.

    Today, The Salvation Boys & Girls Club has more than 500 members, with a daily average attendance of more than 150 youth. The Club has programming for children ages 6 to 18 and The Club places an emphasis on life-skills training.

    Programs of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club include the following (click one to learn more)

    Education Lifestyle Other
    Power Hour SMART Moves Summer Camp
    SAT Preparation Treat Me Like a Lady and Gentle Men Spring Break College Tour
    Cultural and Fine Arts Programs Fathers For Life Mirror Me
    The Itty Bitty Club For You I Will Entrepreneur Initiative
    Athletic Games & Sports Music Instructional Programs My Story
    Senior Fellowship Special Events

    Power Hour: After school tutoring program focused on the issue of reading inabilities and overall education disinterest in the youth area. From 4 – 5 p.m. on Tuesday through Thursday, staff and volunteers work with the more than 115 daily members on homework, study skills, research and book reports.

    SMART Moves (Skills, Mastery and Resistance Training): A nationwide program of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America that addresses alcohol, tobacco, other drug use and premature sexual activity. The program incorporates the involvement of parents, members of the community, Club staff and older teens to teach preventative principals and prepare members for the realities of life’s decisions.

    Summer Camp Program: The Summer Camp program, sponsored completely by donations from the community, sends children without adequate resources to Camp Happyland, near Fredericksburg, Virginia to enjoy safe, enriching activities including swimming, canoeing, hiking, music lessons, Bible Study and arts and crafts.

    Treat Me Like a Lady and Gentle Men:
    These programs strive to build self-esteem in young men and women through promoting healthy hygiene and relationship skills with counseling and guidance.

    Fathers for Life: An original program of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club of Richmond, FFL recognizes and strives to break the cycle of absentee fathering that is so prevalent in today’s society. Through interactive sessions such as: relationship building, communication, self-sufficiency, budgeting, stress management, understanding the needs of children and conflict resolution the program strives to expose young men to the characteristics of fatherhood for the purpose of equipping them for their future families.

    The program also provides mentors for the participants and works to lead the young men into forgiveness and healing of the emotional wounds inflicted by their fathers. Every spring FFL schedules a three-day retreat for intense training, ministry and fun.

    The Itty Bitty Club: For youth ages 6 to 9 focuses on improving social, team building and relationships skills and building character and value at a young age.

    Mirror Me: “My Image Reveals Reflections of the Right Choices Made by Me,” is a program designed to provide an intense and intentional curriculum to illustrate images and important stages of life, especially for girls ages 12 to 18. The program includes 5 sessions and a graduation. The youth are guided through a series of sessions to include self image & perception, scared straight, volunteerism & service learning, life skills and the nationally known Baby Think it Over Program.

    For You I Will: This program promotes healthy relationships, abstinence and introduces teens to marriage, family and parenthood. The program concludes with a Teen Abstinence Ball with the participants pledging to remain abstinent until married and practice healthy relationships.

    SAT Preparation Courses: Provides counseling and guidance to Club members in preparation for their SAT’s.

    Spring Break College Tour: Each spring, The Club’s Junior Counselors are taken on college tours to different locations throughout Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic and South.

    Entrepreneur Initiative: Increases Club member knowledge and practice of marketable trade skills. Members take part in modules focusing on carpentry, food preparation and retail business.

    Cultural and Fine Arts Programs: These programs encourage creativity through arts and crafts and introduce members to culture and fine arts through drama and cross-cultural education and tolerance programs.

    Athletic Games & Sports: The Club encourages physical fitness by providing safe access to sports equipment and games.

    Music Instructional Programs: Including brass, keyboard, guitar and drums.

    My Story:
    Is an on-going book writing project aimed at Club members in grades one through three with the goal of gaining skills in reading comprehension, writing and spelling as well as an appreciation for literature, strengthened visual perception, enhanced listening skills and increased vocabulary.

    Senior Fellowship:
    Senior programs provide socialization courses and networking skills to senior members at the Club. The seniors are encouraged to work with the kids at the Club and to provide insight on the needs of seniors to the community.

    Special Events: Special Events at the Club include; an Easter Egg Hunt, a Thanksgiving Dinner, Achievement Awards, Christmas Parties, Boys & Girls Club Week, Red Ribbon Week, a Talent Showcase, Senior Citizen Fellowship, Hat Show and Prom Night