Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club and Councilwoman Newbille Share News of Club Renovation

On Tuesday, July 21, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club welcomed Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille, of the 7th voter district, to meet with nearby residents of the Club and share the news of the renovation project to begin at the Club in the fall of 2015.

The proposed renovation will add 7,000 square feet onto to the facility, allowing for enhanced programming for members but also allow for extended hours and programming to serve all members of the community. All parts of the Club will receive upgrades, computers, fitness equipment, HVAC, kitchen to be renovated, aquatics center upgrade and locker rooms redone. post_plan7.21.15

The first phase of renovation will include upgrading the aquatics center. Replacing the pool and mechanicals to make operable year-round, expand locker rooms, renovate kitchen and upgrade HVAC.

The renovation to The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club is expected to bring programming and possibilities for youth members but also for their families and our community.

Construction on phase one of the three phase project will begin in the fall and conclude in time for the aquatics center to be open for summer camp in 2016.

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Celebrates 60th Anniversary

On Tuesday, September 30, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in the East End of Richmond, VA celebrated their 60th Anniversary as a chartered club with Boys & Girls Club’s of America.

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club to Celebrate 60th Anniversary

On Tuesday, September 30 The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club will celebrate the Club’s 60th Anniversary of investing in futures beginning with an open house at 4:00 PM and program beginning at 5:00 PM.

For 60 years, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club has been investing in the futures of Richmond’s youth and developing them into caring, intelligent, compassionate adults rooted in family and community. At Tuesday’s event, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club will also announce it’s commitment to improving the Club’s aquatic center for the benefit of Club members and the East End community.

“We’re looking so forward to gathering with friends and supporters on Tuesday to thank them for their support over the past 60 years,” said Hugh Jones, Executive Director of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club. “The past 60 years have set a great foundation for us to work with youth, and the community, through the years ahead.”

Confirmed attendees for Tuesday’s event include Richmond’s Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Dana Bedden, Richmond School Board Chair and Club Alum, Don Coleman, and Councilwoman Cynthia Newbille of Richmond’s East End 7th District.

Their Life Will be Like a Watered Garden, And They will Never Languish Again

We have just a couple quick notes for you today, so stay right there and we’ll get to this week’s Salvation Army News Update.

First off, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club is preparing to celebrate its 60th Anniversary of investing in futures and developing youth in the Richmond area. Please take a minute and visit to check it out and RSVP for the event on Tuesday, September 30. There will be an open house beginning at 4pm and brief program stating at 5pm with the event ending at 6pm. We really hope you can make it.

Also, this past Saturday the Club welcomed folks from Renew Richmond, a non-profit committed to spreading the word and opportunities for living healthy in low income areas along with a couple dozen volunteers from Fort Lee to the Club at 3701 R Street to develop an urban community garden.

Finally, The Amazing Raise hosted by the Community Foundation is coming up on Wednesday, September 17 and 18th and here with a brief word about it is our volunteer Tim who you might remember from a news update about a month ago.

Again, we’ll be communicating via email and social media over those two days on ways to support The Salvation Army in the Amazing Raise and opportunities for gifts to mean even twice as much. With that said, we’ll take a break from the tradition news update next so we can share some great stories of compassion and hope during that time. We’ll see you back on September 24.

Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Begins Urban Garden with Help from Renew Richmond

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club is working with Renew Richmond to develop and urban garden on the Club’s property of 3701 R Street in Church Hill that will grow fruit and vegetables for the community and provide programming for area residents.

The garden, at its peak, is intended to be cared for and nurtured by community members and serve as a gathering place for those in the area of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club to participate in and learn about healthy and sustainable living.

“This partnership is just another example of the exciting things going on at The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club,” said Hugh Jones, the Club’s Executive Director. “John has been great to work with and is passionate about bring this program to our neighborhood and as an organization who invests in futures, we owe to our members and community to offer this.”

2014 marks the 60th anniversary of The Salvation Army’s relationship with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and operation of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club in Church Hill. An event celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Club will be held on Tuesday, September 30 beginning with an open house at 4:00PM and brief program at 5:00 PM. Visit to learn more.