Salvation Army Roanoke


The Salvation Army Red Shield Lodge:  An Emergency & Transitional Living Center

Programs & Services:
The Salvation Army’s Red Shield Lodge incorporates a temporary, safe shelter and individual, intensive case management, in a structured environment, to help those men who were previously homeless move toward new hope, confidence, life solutions, employment, self-sufficiency, and permanent housing. Our program encourages a productive and structured life, where the men are required to be employed at least 20 hours per week, with community service and life enrichment meetings weekly. Individual service plans, basic life skills, financial planning, money management, career development skills, community referrals, with educational and spiritual support are offered.

The Red Shield Lodge has boasted up to an 80% employment rate for men at the completion of their stay. Keys to success of the program lie in structure, intensive and personal case management, the completion of short term goals, with measurable outcomes, structuring long term goals for attainment, and community partnerships, which provide mentors, and those offering the men a chance to succeed in employment. The Red Shield Lodge is the only local program of its kind, which actually integrates intensive case management, with the goal of transition back into independent living, and is recommended as first choice by District 15 Probation and Parole, throughout the Roanoke Valley.

Case Management:

The Salvation Army Red Shield Lodge provides a two-phase program for homeless men, who have a true desire to rebuild their lives.Both programs provide a safe, structured environment, designed to assist homeless men in building a life of hope, which will lead to self-sufficiency. Our program requires that those who are not working must perform a minimum of 20 hours per week of community service,  as well as weekly meetings with their case manager. Case management works with each man to develop an Individual Service Plan with measurable outcomes, develop money management and budgeting skills and learn to face the issues that brought about homelessness. We also strive to help every man who is able to work find a permanent job and once they are ready find suitable affordable housing. We work closely with local probation and parole agencies to house those being released back into society.

Spiritual Enrichment:

The most important part of the Red Shield Program is helping our clients discover the transforming power of God’s love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We help them see that merely dealing with the outward issues of their lives is not sufficient for lasting change. There must be inward transformation that brings on the strength and courage to deal with life’s issues. Each man is encouraged to attend our weekly Celebrate Recovery Program, Bible studies and a church of their choice.