On Sunday, March 27, The Salvation Army Family Store was severely damaged due to a fire.  The proceeds that the store generates helps to operate an emergency shelter for individuals and families; a community feeding program; and social services assistance.  We need your help during this restoration period to supplement our loss so we can continue to “Do the Most Good” assisting our community. Please consider donating to our Family Store Restoration

Greek Salvation Army caring for unprecedented number of refugees

For months the news has been reporting the heartbreaking story of migrants arriving in Europe from the Middle East and Africa, fleeing atrocities for an opportunity for something, anything, better. For those who arrive safely across the Meditteranean - 2,000 or more drowned in transit this year - the welcome is not always warm. Countries across Europe are struggling to assimilate the newcomers in what The Guardian calls the "world’s biggest refugee crisis since the second world war." None more than the country of Greece, already strained by staggering debt and loss.

Are You Ready For Hurricane Season?

Information for this article courtesy of the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. What is a Hurricane? A hurricane is a type...