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‘I can’t pay it back. So I pay it forward’: Volunteers deliver food to quarantined coronavirus families

Huffing a bit, Mike Williams, 75, hauled the box of food up the apartment stairs, stacking it atop another already sitting outside the door. Dan Smith, 73, followed close behind, an identical box resting against his red Salvation Army jacket. The boxes began piling up as the two volunteers made another trip up the stairs, their steps getting a little […]

For A Population Already Living On The Edge, New Risks From A Pandemic

How do you shelter in place when you don’t have a home? Where do you wash your hands when you live on the streets? These are some of the challenges faced by those struggling with homelessness amid the coronavirus outbreak. And advocates working to help this vulnerable population stay healthy and safe are worried things will […]

Salvation Army provides curbside groceries in Fairfax County

For a second-straight week, the Salvation Army in Fairfax County, Virginia, is offering curbside groceries to those who need them. Recipients must call first at (703) 385-8700 ext. 10 for a pickup time. Times are available Thursday and Friday afternoon. “They get canned vegetables, they get canned meat, peanut butter, cereal … we offer a […]

Local VA Men’s Ministry Group Member Grills For Families In Need

Meet Gene – a member of our Men’s Ministry Group from Central Virginia Area Command who spent a whole day grilling turkey and chicken to deliver to families in need. Gene and the rest of the ministry group were able to provide breakfast items, non perishable food – and of course turkey and chicken – […]

An Urgent Delivery (North & South Carolina Division)

Late on a Friday afternoon, the phone rang at The Salvation Army of Greater Winston-Salem. A teenage girl was calling on behalf of her mom. “Do you have a food pantry? My mom is disabled, we don’t have transportation, and we are nearly out of food. We need help,” she explained. It’s not every day […]