Secret Santa Donates $10,000 in Red Kettle

Secret Santa Donates $10,000 in Salvation Army Red Kettle

Some Secret Santa just dropped $10,000 in cash into a Salvation Army Red Kettle outside a Hollywood neighborhood grocery store.

The Salvation Army officers said Thursday the donation was made sometime Wednesday, Dec. 6, at a kettle outside the Fred Meyer store at 3030 N.E. Weidler St. The donation was in $100 bills and is the largest cash contribution in a single Red Kettle bucket in the Portland area.

“Whoever did this knows the good that will come of it,” said Salvation Army Capt. Marcos Marquez, officer of The Salvation Army’s Moore Street Corps. “And while we do not know who put the money in the kettle, since the money was all in cash, they should know that we are very grateful to have received such a generous donation.”

The Salvation Army’s annual six-week fundraiser campaign usually provides enough money to fund about 40 percent of the its services. The religious organization said it had raised a little more than 30 percent of its $750,000 goal.

Group officers said that it was not unusual to find a single $100 in a kettle or two during the campaign. In the past few years, The Salvation Army has reported getting gold coins as donations. But $10,000 in cash in one kettle is unusual, according to the organization.