Innovative Program at Boys & Girls Club Curbs Summer Learning Loss

Studies show that over the summer months, most students experience learning losses and more dramatically, low income students are shown to lose more than two months in reading achievement but this is where Merci Best an alumna of The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club is stepping in and we’ve got her story in this week’s Salvation Army News Update.

Merci Best began attending The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club before she could even walk, now at 19 years old she’s a rising sophomore at William & Mary and her passion for education and showing students the opportunities they have ahead of them is what has inspired her STEAMtrix program.

Merci loves to show students that they can have fun during the summer while learning and that African Americans, especially African American women, can hold leadership roles in the community and in these fields. Her program is coming to a close but she said the students have been grasping the core values of her curriculum and are seeing the opportunities ahead if they stick with their education.

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