Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club to Host 2nd Hoops for Health

Basketball & Community Festival Promotes Healthy Lifestyles in Richmond’s East End

The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club will host the 2nd Annual Hoops for Health and Healthy Living Festival on Saturday, April 26 at 3701 R Street in Richmond’s East End.

Hoops for Health

Hoops for Health

The event encourages all Richmond residents to live a healthy lifestyle through diet, recreation and education is inspired by an early 2013 report that noted residents in the East End, where The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club is located, face health challenges and a life expectancy nearly 20 years less than residents in the West End. In an effort to raise awareness of the issue and further promote healthy lifestyles among its members, The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club developed the Hoops for Health and Healthy Living Festival as an all-day event open to all community members free of charge to engage and educate them on healthy lifestyles.

Nearly 30 teams comprised of sixth-to-eighth grade boys and girls will participate in a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, and more than 20 community organizations will participate in the Healthy Living Festival to provide “accidental education” (fun, engaging activities & take-aways) on healthy lifestyles. Former NBA player Wali Jones, who played with Wilt Chamberlain on the 1967 NBA Champion Philadelphia 76ers, also will host an intermission program on healthy choices for the second straight year.

“I thought it was a great way to use basketball to convey the message that your health is important and to bring the East End community and beyond together,” Armstrong High School basketball coach Darryl Watts said after the 2013 event.

The Hoops for Health and Healthy Living Festival is presented by Bon Secours Health System, whose support ensures The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club will be able to continue to educate Club and community members on the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

Jones played in the NBA for 12 season and has since turned motivational speaker and community outreach ambassador for the Miami Heat

“I love the concept that is presented at Hoops for Health,” Jones said. “It is so important for our young people and their parents to realize what is at stake when it comes to investing in their own health. I am excited about coming again to share and build on what we’ve started, which is to communicate that this is not just an event but a lifestyle that we are talking about.”

March Healthy Living Challenge




Exercise at least three (3) times a week for at least 20 minutes.

Why is exercise important

Exercise is important because if you don’t use your body you will slowly but surely begin to lose it. Your muscles will become flabby and weak, and organs will be less efficient and may shut down, your joints will be more prone to injury, and your mind will be dull and foggy. Here are some examples of how these benefits specifically manifest themselves.

Prevents Disease

Aerobic exercises reduces the risk of hear disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many other lifestyle related conditions. Our bodies were created to move and failure to do so consistently and with intention will lead to our bodies breaking down and eventually to disease.

Improves Quality of Life

All exercise makes you feel better because it gets your heart racing, the blood pumping and it makes your feel accomplished. The endorphins that are released when you exercise lifts your mood and helps you have a more positive perspective on life. Exercise also helps keep you looking and feeling younger throughout your life.

How to Get Started

Quality over quantity. If you are just beginning to incorporate exercise into your routine, quality is more important than quantity. Start off slowly and increase slowly, over time you can add more repetitions to your exercise/workout and exercise for longer. Do some research. Get information from avid exercises, professional trainers or from online resources to avoid mistakes and injuries and keep this challenge fun.